This poor boy tried so hard today to figure out how to sit on his little chair.  He just couldn’t quite get it.  He eventually gave up, used the chair to climb on the couch and then threw something.










Elizabeth worked in this math workbook from the time she got home from school until she went to bed.  She even took it to bed with her.  She LOVES math.  I was always pretty good with math, but there is no way I’ll ever be able to keep up with her.




I don’t know Jane or her family personally.  But she is part of our school and church family.  And last week they thought she had the flu.  And this week she is fighting for her life.  She is one grade above Elizabeth but I think the same age.  And that thought is killing me.  It’s putting a continuous lump in my throat and constant tears in my eyes.  Tonight our church held mass for Jane.  And there is nothing more profoundly comforting as a church full of people worrying and flooding heaven with prayers for the same thing.

‘Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed.  Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.’  -Denis Waitley

I think in this community I have found my happy place.  The place where I know that in joy or sorrow we will all surround each other with support and love.



It’s been a busy weekend!  And we still have one more day to go.  I am thinking we may just have to lay low tomorrow.  Maybe we will be lucky and this 40 degree weather will hold out one more day!

Elizabeth and I worked some more on the snow slide we have started in our backyard this afternoon.  Well, actually she spent most of the time sitting in the sled pouting about not wanting to go to swimming.  I signed her up for swim team again this year, against her will.  She used to have a pattern of quitting most things she tries and starts, and I used to let her.  I wanted to feel more in charge so I decided to push her a little.  I didn’t want her always calling the shots.  I thought if I could push her into it one more year once she got going she would enjoy it.  This is how most activities go for her.  She never wants to do something but then seems to enjoy it once she gets going.  But she has been pretty persistent about not liking swim team.  And when she fell asleep on the floor in the hallway outside Crosby’s room when I was rocking him back to sleep, I knew it was too much.  Not only physically, but mentally.  I really think it was stressing her out.  When she woke up I told her I was sorry and she did not have to do swim team.  Her spirit seemed to bounce back a little at that point.  It’s always a hard line to draw as a parent.  I want her to try things, learn to keep busy, and be a hard worker.  But sometimes you realize you just have to follow their line.








It was gymnastics day.  Elizabeth learned another new trick today.  They learned how to swing their feet up to the bar, stand up, and jump off.  It got lots of practice when we got home.  Crosby went with and therefore got put down for a late nap.  When he awoke we continued our holiday weekend of eating out and went to Snuffy’s Malt Shop.  I was so hungry and half my food was eaten by Elizabeth and Crosby.  😦












Elizabeth has been wanting to have her hair curly lately.  It’s so straight it won’t even curl with a curling iron.  And if we were to get a curl in it, in this weather one step outside and it is gone.  So every night we put tiny little braids in her hair.  Seven actually.  Because she’s seven, you know.  She seems to be happy with the look.  She came home again today with the exact same two kind of books she always does.  One Junie B Jones and one book about dolphins.

We were able to spend some time outside today.  I am not sure which is harder, getting a snowsuit, hat, mittens and boots ON a 14 month old or getting them OFF!?  We are working on making the best snow slide.  Even Crosby had fun on the slide.    I thought it would only last five minutes but I think we made it for a good half an hour. 🙂